“Breathe Odors” main-filter for BRISE C360


  • Breathe Odors main-filter consists of:
    • Anti-bacteria cloth: Block the pathogenic mold before entering the HEPA layer and inhibit its growth rate.
    • HEPA filter layer:Filter out 99.9% of PM2.5 particles, virus and bacteria and various allergens such as fine aerosols, molds, dust mites, soot, dust, pollen, etc.
    • VOC filter layer:Filter the following air pollution chemicals: 1) Harmful gases such as formaldehyde (plywood), helium (cement), sulfur dioxide (automobile exhaust), paint, surface treatment of wood products, toluene (solvent). BRISE’s filtration rate of formaldehyde is as high as 99%. 2) General odor: such as mold, smoke, smell of fermented food and seafood smell. 3Pet odor…etc.
    • Lifetime : approx. 12 months (24/7 ON)

    This filter is suitable for BRISE C360.   Available here

Breathe Odors main-filter for BRISE C360
“Breathe Odors” main-filter for BRISE C360


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