“Breathe Odors” main-filter for BRISE C200


Breathe Odors:

  • Anti-bacteria cloth: Block the pathogenic mold before entering the HEPA layer and inhibit its growth rate.
  • HEPA filter layer:Unique HEPASmart filter, with both efficient filtration rate and low noise, is used to effectively filter out various fine aerosols, molds, dust mites, soot, dust, pollen, etc., which are the invisible allergens in the air. It can filter out 99.9% of PM2.5 particles, virus and bacteria.
  • VOC filter layer:Modified columnar activated carbon VOC filter layer with potassium permanganate component, which can effectively filter the following air pollution chemicals:
    1) Harmful gases such as formaldehyde (plywood), helium (cement), sulfur dioxide (automobile exhaust), paint, surface treatment of wood products, toluene (solvent). BRISE’s filtration rate of formaldehyde is as high as 99%
    2) General odor: such as mold, smoke, smell of fermented food and seafood smell
    3) Pet odor…etc.
  • Lifetime : approx. 6-8 months (24/7 ON)

For more product info, please visit :  https://www.suvios.com

Breathe Odors main-filter for C200
“Breathe Odors” main-filter for BRISE C200


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